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We’re innovators. We question the accepted, draw inspiration from everywhere and continually wonder what might be possible. And we’re designers. We use our tried and tested process to mould insight into real products and supporting digital platforms.

We aim to create social, economic and environmental good with every job we take on. To date, we’ve delivered game-changing results to global brands and more modest outfits in Europe, Asia and North America.

We create physical products that better connect with people and places.

$5 Solar Light

The world's lowest cost, high quality solar light

ServicesDesign Research

Say hello

0161 672 4997

inventid, First Floor, 68 Sackville Street
Manchester, M1 3NJ

Totem Modular Smart Light

ValuesIntegrity & confidentiality


New customers, and those coming back for more great design, receive confidential and enthusiastic service, whoever they are. We’re not keen on industry jargon either, so we talk to you in plain English. We’re delighted you’ve chosen to work with us and commit ourselves to delivering groundbreaking design, on budget and on time.

About 4 days ago

Kind words from... oh go on, our favourite ex-client. Now you'll always find the way to the marina in the dark. https://t.co/oSqLLwtUAu

ValuesYou’re not just a ‘client’ to us


The term ‘client’ suggests a disconnect between commissioner and designer. In reality our design buyers are highly involved in our process and central to the team. We’ll immerse ourselves in your brand and listen carefully to your thoughts and ideas. We’re also not afraid to stretch the project into exciting territory you hadn’t yet considered. After all, that’s why you hired us!


The world's first all in one tablet-based POS system - revolutionising the way we pay

ServicesConcept Design


Made Here Now

Explore the new world of manufacturing in Britain - amazing advances in science and technology with great career opportunities

Formula E

Interactive light module for the revolutionary Formula E electric racing car

inventid Products

Home, gift and furniture products designed by us for established brands. Find us in John Lewis, Boots, Urban Outfitters, Paperchase and online!


Havas Lynx HomeWard

A digital device to aid the home rehabilitation of elderly patients in Lambeth and Southwark

ValuesSustainability means everything to us


With each pencil stroke and mouse click we aim to create social and economic good, while reducing environmental harm. Our ethical commitment impacts which partner companies we’ll work with… and those we won’t! We align ourselves with sustainable education initiatives and it goes without saying we brew delicious, fair-trade coffee and own no tiger skin rugs.

ServicesDesign Engineering

About 5 days ago

Could this be a future hotel room? - Volkswagen unveils #selfdriving electric version of 60s #VW #Microbus @citizenM https://t.co/Aly3fsVKEs

ServicesIntellectual Property

Sunde Technologies

Zero client computing - cleaner technology for everyone

ValuesSize isn’t everything


Last year we added 50 percent more design talent to our permanent staff! That takes us from two to three. We passionately believe in small, dedicated teams. You’ll know exactly who is working on your project and that it hasn’t been farmed out to minions. When we need additional expertise we work with a pool of brilliant, trustworthy people who slot seamlessly into our team.


A smarter case to control the iPhone 5S

Studio Furniture

Bespoke ply + oak tables defy gravity and keep our cables tidy

ServicesBrand + Packaging

ValuesWe put our money where our mouth is


We’re ideas people. As such we’re forever spotting our own opportunities to reimagine the world. We reinvest income generated from consultancy work into internal product development and securing our intellectual property. It’s a powerful endorsement for the team and process we employ to bring about change through excellence in design.

About 6 days ago

RT @chinadialogue: #China emerges as global leader in clean #energy https://t.co/9sUcAEJml9 https://t.co/MFY6fWtvJl