Canyon Welcome Toolkit Packaging

A design case study for the Welcome Toolkit packaging experience created for Canyon Bicycles. inventid provide a best-in-class unboxing experience for online only retailer Canyon bicycles. 

Canyon Bicycles.

Providing a best-in-class unboxing experience for an online only bicycle brand.

A unique design for a unique problem.

The ‘Welcome Toolkit’ exemplifies online bike retailer Canyon’s core values; simplicity, passion and excellence. The box employs the techniques of progressive disclosure to guide customers through the quick and easy process of setting up their new bike, utilising materials that are tough, sustainable and easy to recycle.

Canyon deliver industry leading products that push the limits of what is possible with world class customer service. It was our task to create a sense of excitement for the customer, immersing them in the Canyon brand experience and alleviating pains points related to getting their new bike up and running, a process which should take a novice around 10 minutes. 

canyon bicycle packaging.jpg

Working with Canyon

Developed as part of a broader customer service strategy with design partners Common Good, the ‘Welcome Toolkit’ provides a place for every component needed to get a new Canyon bike up and running. Easily recognisable as the place to start when the main box is first opened, the tools and parts are revealed in an order which corresponds to the easy to follow quick start guide. This use of ‘progressive disclosure’ helps the customer feel less overwhelmed by the simple task at hand, giving them the feeling of being guided each step of the way.

Design for quality, clarity and precision.

As well as creating an easy to follow, A to Z set-up process, the precise placement of these elements makes packing the box an enjoyable and more efficient process for the Canyon Factory team. It is also designed with future use in mind, being easy to rebuild should the bike need to be returned and providing a useful place to store documentation and tools for reference. 

The ‘Welcome Toolkit’ integrates seamlessly into Canyon’s current BikeGuard system, which fits the need of their entire product range. We worked closely with Canyon’s packing team to ensure that their job was made easier and more enjoyable with the integration of this new customer experience.